• This America, This House Divided, Cannot Stand

    This America, This House Divided, Cannot Stand

    By Michael T. Bucci Global Research In an election cycle that has scored the lowest in human decency, civilized behavior and speech – from Maine’s Gov. Paul LePage to Donald J. Trump; a cycle characterized by hate, viciousness, competing scandals, voluminous unproven allegations, scapegoats, fear-mongering, incitements to violence, death threats, and general moral decline bordering on decadence, I advise no […]

  • US-NATO-Turkey Invasion of Northern Syria: CIA “Failed” Turkey Coup Lays Groundwork for Broader Middle East War?

    US-NATO-Turkey Invasion of Northern Syria: CIA “Failed” Turkey Coup Lays Groundwork for Broader Middle East War?

    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research In mid-July,  President Erdogan pointed his finger at the CIA, accusing US intelligence of having supported a failed coup directed against his government.   Turkish officials pointed to a deterioration of US-Turkey relations following Washington’s refusal to extradite Fethullah Gülen, the alleged architect of the failed coup. Erdogan’s Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag was categorical: “If the […]

  • Thousands of demonstrators march during a protest organized by the workers roofless movement, against Brazil’s acting President Michel Temer, and in support of Brazil’s suspended President Dilma Rousseff, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thursday, May 12, 2016.

    Heavyweights Of Academia & Activism Condemn Brazil’s Manufactured Coup In Open Letter

    “Brazil has only emerged from dictatorship some 30 years ago and these events could set back the country’s progress towards social and economic inclusion by decades” Nika Knight Common Dreams Naomi Klein, Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky, Susan Sarandon, Arundhati Roy, and 17 other human rights activists, intellectuals, and public figures on Wednesday sent a letter to the Brazilian government condemning […]

  • The Future of War Looks Like Hollywood: “Terminator-Like Machines to Fight in Battlefields”

    The Future of War Looks Like Hollywood: “Terminator-Like Machines to Fight in Battlefields”

    By Mac Slavo SHTFplan For those who always saw James Cameron’s blockbuster Terminator 2 as somehow eerily inevitable, recent trends in the development of warfare are proving them correct. How will the nature of warfare change with the advent of autonomous robots that can make their own decisions to kill? In short, it could change everything, though it is unclear […]

  • US torture victim Abu Zubaydah given “hearing” at Guantanamo

    US torture victim Abu Zubaydah given “hearing” at Guantanamo

    By John Burton (WSWS) Last Tuesday, United States military officials escorted a dozen journalists and human-rights representatives into a sealed Pentagon conference room to watch the live video feed of a “hearing” before the Guantanamo Bay detention center “Periodic Review Board,” which will advise the Obama administration on the fate of Abu Zubaydah, one of 41 inmates still not cleared […]

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Clinton Foundation donors given special treatment while Hillary was DoS head, emails show

Clinton Foundation donors given special treatment while Hillary was DoS head, emails show

Politics 2016-08-29 at 4:35 pm

(RT) Newly released emails reveal more ties between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, showing that major donors received special perks – including lunch with the Chinese president. The State Department emails were released as part of a public records lawsuit by conservative group Citizens United. The documents were then shared exclusively […]


Turkey’s New Relationship with Russia — and Assad

Politics 2016-08-29 at 6:05 am

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at strategic-culture.org Until the July 15th U.S.-backed (or so the Turkish government alleges) coup-attempt to overthrow Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan, Erdogan was trying to overthrow Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, whom the U.S. regime likewise wants to overthrow.  However, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin saved Erdogan’s Presidency, and probably Erdogan’s life, by contacting him hours prior to the […]

Peter Lavelle: 15 signs you may be a Putin troll

Peter Lavelle: 15 signs you may be a Putin troll

Politics 2016-08-28 at 2:04 pm

Peter Lavelle The Duran Questioning authority is the most fundamental hallmark of modern western civilization. As of late this tenant has gone AWOL. Questioning authority is now tantamount to treason. And if you are deemed treasonous, then you are probably a Putin troll. Are you afflicted with the following thoughts? When you have that gnawing feeling corporate mainstream is lying […]

The Soros Reign: A Romanian Example

The Soros Reign: A Romanian Example

Politics 2016-08-28 at 10:47 am

Katehon Romania is one of the European countries which is most oriented towards the Atlanticist geopolitical project. Despite its Orthodox Christian people, its elites always follow a strict pro-EU and pro-American course. The reason is very simple: it is a country where elites and civil society have been completely staffed by the US NGO’s, particular by George Soros. The story […]

The Turkish Invasion Of Syria: Who Is Behind It And Why

The Turkish Invasion Of Syria: Who Is Behind It And Why

War 2016-08-28 at 8:31 am

Brandon Turbeville Activist Post On Wednesday morning, Turkey abruptly launched an all-out military assault on Syria, sending in tanks, troops, and engaging in airstrikes, in concert with airstrikes from the United States, to the northern portions of Syria near the Turkey-Syria border under the guise of combatting ISIS forces. At this time, the military operations seem focused around Jarablus. According […]

Protesters in Argentina force Monsanto to destroy GMO seed manufacturing plant

Protesters in Argentina force Monsanto to destroy GMO seed manufacturing plant

GMO 2016-08-28 at 8:21 am

By Amy Goodrich (NaturalNews) After a three-year-long battle between multinational corporation Monsanto and local Malvinas citizens and anti-GMO campaigners from across Argentina, one of Monsanto’s half-completed multi-million dollar GMO seed plants will be dismantled. According to March Against Monsanto, the plant would have been Monsanto’s second largest operation in Latin America. In 2014, activists forced Monsanto to stop the construction […]

Photo: Unicef/2014/Romenzi

For London, Propaganda is an Art

War 2016-08-28 at 7:35 am

No normal human being can accept to see his children suffer – consequently, they make good subjects for war propaganda. Thierry Meyssan takes a look at the use of children by the International Coalition during the war against Syria. by Thierry Meyssan Voltairenet Just as in all wars, the war against Syria has triggered an avalanche of propaganda. And the […]

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The Government is a PARASITE on society

New mini-documentary reveals why government CREATES problems in order to act like it’s SOLVING them (NaturalNews) Big Government is nothing more than a grand scam that deliberately creates huge problems in society to convince the sheeple that they need government to solve those problems. In fact, the primary role of government today is to create large-scale crises in order to […]

Hillary Vows To Shut Down Breitbart and Infowars If Elected!

“We’ve had a conservative media in this country for a while,” says the email, sent Thursday and signed by deputy communications director Christina Reynolds. “I don’t always like what they have to say, but I respect their role and their right to exist Reynolds’ acknowledgment that the regular conservative media has a “right to exist,” though, is used to contrast […]

Julian Assange tells Megyn Kelly, ‘Trump is no Russian agent’

Hillary Clinton is in bed with neocons, Trump is no Russian agent WikiLeaks founder discusses mysterious murder of DNC staffer, presidential politics and controversies surrounding his organization in a ‘Kelly File’ exclusive

What happened to Clinton-Putin relations?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Russia’s President Putin may not get along now, but they were once rather friendly. RT looks back at how their relations soured.

Hillary’s Criminal Emails Are Her Presidential Platform

The Alex Jones Channel Hillary Clinton is waging a war on two fronts. On the one hand, Hillary has launched a full on dictatorial truth denying attack on the press that her handlers don’t own. While on the other hand, Hillary deals with her own checkered past aggressively rearing its ugly head on a daily basis. No wonder she suffers […]

Alex Jones Responds To Hillary Clinton’s Attack

Alex Jones warns Hillary Clinton, “You’re a liar, you’re a fraud, you’re a hypocrite. Hillary Clinton claimed that Donald Trump was embracing “dark conspiracy theories” before going on a conspiracy theory-obsessed rant in which she attacked Alex Jones. Hillary Clinton Lies About Alex Jones To Attack Trump

Assange: WikiLeaks to release ‘significant’ Clinton material

Julian Assange tells Fox New’s Megyn Kelly that the impact of these emails on Hillary Clinton will be “significant”.

Nigel Farage Speaks at Donald Trump Rally in Jackson, MS

Wednesday, August 24, 2016: Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage joins Trump on stage. Farage was the architect of the “Brexit” movement and Trump has said he will be called “Mr. Brexit” after the election because of his long odds.

FBI uncovers 15000 new Hillary Clinton’s emails

The FBI has found nearly 15,000 emails that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton never turned over after she left office. Some show that foreign officials tried to curry favor with the State Department by donating millions to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Health Cover-Up IMPLODES

They’re panicking. They know something is seriously wrong with Hillary and that the pressure to have her health independently assessed is building. If they’re not able to keep a lid on this by dismissing it as a conspiracy theory, it could torpedo her entire campaign. Infowars.com

Putin on Obama’s failed promises – Guantanamo

Inessa S Looking back at a decade of Obama’s promises, I think its fair to say that 2016 election promises by the candidates mean absolutely nothing at all. Ps- just for factual correctness, the subs says 34,000 tonnes of uranium, but its 34 tonnes, apologies.

Manufactured Civil Unrest and Regime Change: Is America Next?

TRUTHstreammedia “These revolutions are portrayed in the western media as popular democratic revolutions, in which the people of these respective nations demand democratic accountability and governance from their despotic leaders and archaic political systems. However, the reality is far from what this utopian imagery suggests. Western NGOs and media heavily finance and organize opposition groups and protest movements, and in […]

Is Nuclear War Impossible?

Will Obama Finally Do It? The US is reportedly moving nukes from Turkey to Romania amid rising tensions in Ukraine – and after a recent report warned that ISIS could steal the nukes in Turkey. At least 50 tactical nukes are stored at the Incirlik Air Base about 70 miles from the Syrian border, and according to EurActiv, the US […]

Hillary Vows To Shut Down Internet Press If Elected

One of the goals of Clinton’s campaign, Reynolds says, is to ensure Breitbart is destroyed Steve Watson Infowars Hillary Campaign Vows To Destroy Opposition Website. No one would cover Obama and Hillary going to bilderberg but Infowars was on the scene. The MSM would’t pick it up. Trump goes to L.A. “Breitbart is something different,” she says. “They make Fox […]

Ankara considers military ties with Russia as NATO shies away – Turkish FM

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has lashed out at NATO, saying the alliance is not fully cooperating with Ankara. In an interview with Sputnik, he hinted that Turkey would consider military cooperation with Russia.

George Galloway explains the truth behind ISIS

British MP George Galloway: ISIS was created, directly and indirectly, by the US-UK regimes. This presentation took place at Oxford University in the context of a formal debate.

Is Turkey Leaving NATO?

Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett discuss the possibility of Turkey leaving NATO In a bombshell development, Turkey and Russia are considering military ties and even floating the idea of opening Incirlik to the Russian Air Force. Is Turkey preparing to exit NATO? Or pushing to see how far they can take their alliance with Russia? Or about to be pushed […]

Syrian War Report – Russia Intensifies air strikes

South Front August 16th On August 16, the Syrian army, the National Defense Forces and Hezbollah launched a successful offensive in the 1070 Apartment Project in southwestern Aleppo, capturing over than a half of the 1070 Apartment Project and from the Al Nusra Front-linked operation room, called “Jaish al-Fatah.” August 17 morning, clashes continued in the area with about 80% […]

‘Unfortunate’: US State Dept on Russian use of Iran base to fly anti-ISIS missions

There are increased hopes for greater international cooperation over Syria. It follows Iran allowing Russia to use one of its airbases to conduct anti-ISIS strikes, China now saying it’ll offer military help to the Syrian government. RT’s Gayane Chichakyan got reaction from the US State Department.

Republicans call for perjury charges against Clinton over emails

The FBI has reportedly dispatched its investigative report on Hillary Clinton, explaining why charges were not recommended against the Democratic presidential hopeful. Meanwhile, House Republicans are seeking new perjury charges against Clinton. READ MORE: http://on.rt.com/7muh

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